Killer Day!

Have you ever had a day when you were supposed to be working but ended up with little more than a blank page and a strong urge for copious amounts of alcohol?  That was yesterday for me.

I still don’t quite understand where it all went wrong.  I had the whole day mapped out perfectly – which was probably my first mistake.  I had the house all to myself, which is a rare treat indeed, since I do my best work in total silence, AND I had a magic bag (my brain) filled with fresh ideas!  If you read my earlier blog post, Shhh, Don’t Say a Word, you will remember that I had the beginnings of a somewhat scattered character running around loose in my head, and had finally thought of a great place for her to land as a visiting relative of one of my mystery town’s more snobbish citizens – so I was excited about that…

Also, I’m working on a non-mystery project right now as well.  It’s crazy time consuming in its beginning phase, as it requires loads of research and fact checking, as well as scheduling in time to talk with my wonderful sister, who is going to be collaborating with me.  I’m really excited about it, but it’s a lengthy undertaking that will be progressing during the span of one full year in actual time.  Basically, I have quite a bit going on to distract me!

So yesterday was supposed to be a productive work day – blog in the morning really quickly, a point of interest research for the progression project until lunch, and then work on the placement of my shuffling lady with the wild hair and expressive t-shirt for the rest of the day until pick-up time at school.  Easy peasy!

Right!  So here is the rundown of how a stay at home mom/plot twist connoisseur can get it all wrong:

“I had the house all to myself,” actually translates into the fact that my husband was gone earlier than usual during our morning routine.  Now ordinarily this wouldn’t be a problem, I’m not a total novice at parenting, but on this particular morning my dogs decided to lose their freaking minds!  Incidentally, I found out later that yesterday, according to the evil overlord known as Facebook, was National Dog Day, so maybe they instinctively felt safer, idk…

Regardless, after my daughter finished her breakfast at a snail’s pace and went off to brush her teeth, I figured it was a perfect time to take the dogs out (normally hubby’s morning job.)  We got outside…we walked…we walked some more…no one would use the bathroom!!! The dogs, not me – traditionally I go inside.  So the dogs simply would not go, and as time was edging closer to when we had to leave for school, I started to feel very nervous about what was going to happen to my carpet once I was gone!

Upon reentering the house, I see my daughter hopping around on one leg in a highly distressed state…with a very healthy dose of dog poop on her foot!  No wonder they didn’t need to go outside – the nasty beasts! (Not really, I love them very much, please to not send PETA to throw things at me!)  So I practically knocked her down on the chaise in a panic and began cleaning off her foot, then I got soap and water and cleaned it some more, then a fresh washcloth and more soap and water just to be on the safe side…sigh.  After that, I went about cleaning the floor in pretty much the same frenzied manner.  Ahh, aren’t mornings the greatest!

So by the time we made it to my daughter’s educational oasis, I was urging her from the car to run up the steps before she ended up being tarty on the second freaking week of school!!!  As she entered the building on time, and as other late parents lined up impatiently behind me, I let loose a sigh of relief…followed directly by the thought that she was wearing a long skirt that I forgot to check for dog poop!  Brand new worries folks!  Honestly, its days like this that I think maybe I’ve wasted a great many years not being better aquatinted with Jack Daniels!

I made it back home in what I believed was still time to get on track with my morning.  I was just setting down to write this blog, only the topic was supposed to be the challenges of working on multiple projects (maybe this isn’t so far off,) when the phone started ringing.  I’m pretty sure that everyone I know needed me for something, so I finally just gave up for a while and did the dishes and a load of laundry while saying “Uh-huh” over and over again, with my head cocked sideways like a confused Pomeranian.

By lunch time, with still no writing done at all, I decided to take a shower, get dressed, pretty up a bit, and try to start fresh…

Now I don’t know if I’m the only mom in the world who does this, but when my daughter is away from home, I take the phone with me everywhere (just in case.)  Which is how I ended up 45 minutes later, still not showered, sitting on the toilet half nude, and listening to my Mother-in-Law chattering about all of the deaths she’s heard about recently…oh, and the fact that her best friend’s cousin’s husband who lives in Ohio is very sick.  I am sorry about his illness, but I don’t know her best friend’s cousin’s husband…I’m not sure I actually know anyone in Ohio…I hardly even know her best friend!  Come on people, work with me here!!

By school pick-up time I had accomplished little more than wet hair…

Working from home can be really challenging.  I think that it’s difficult for others to respect your schedule when you don’t actually leave your house – they tend to assume that you are free floating and have all the time in the world.  Another challenge is the fact that, because you’re home (in my case anyway,) you tend to willfully set your work aside, so that you CAN be a mom and do all those important things, like making sure your child makes it to school not covered in dog crap…

It’s still the best job ever…I once worked in a dry cleaners steaming shirts…in August…in Georgia!  I’ll take dog poop and strangers in Ohio over that any day of the week!

So how do you juggle it all??

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