Book Fair Shenanigans

Today is my youngest daughter’s reading fair at school, which loosely translates into a meme of me burning blisters on the tips of my fingers with a hot glue gun at midnight (MIDNIGHT people!) in a mad rush to help her better secure her nuggets of information onto her much procrastinated/down to the wire presentation board.  Clearly I have somehow created a child that runs best on pure panic driven adrenalin…worrisome indeed.

I tucked her into bed THREE HOURS past her bedtime delivering a much needed talk about the perils of waiting until the last minute to complete projects, all while worrying about the harshness of my tone, in fear that too much chastising might discourage her from participating in these type of events in the future…ah, the joys of parenting!  She wiped my fears aside by looking at me wryly, and saying, “I know Mommy, I should have done it sooner, but I didn’t, and now I’m near tears because I am so tired, so could we just let this go so I can get some sleep?”  Have I mentioned that she’s eleven?  Sometimes I think that she’s emotionally much older than I am!

The book she chose to do her project on was book one in the Wings of Fire series, The Dragonet Prophecy.  If you have children around this age I would recommend the books based on how much my daughter has loved them all.  Her book that she took from home to place with her display board is curled around the edges and worn down from many much loved readings.

I have to say, as a matter of full disclosure, that she very nearly kicked me off the project entirely, as according to her, she likes things clean and simple, and I am more of the “go big or go home” variety.  She informed me with no uncertain terms that I was not allowed to take over her project and turn it into a full stage production!  The result was a display board full of neatly organized facts coupled with some lovely colored sketches of various dragons that she carefully drew herself.  It looked nice.  Had it been up to me, we would have made a three dimensional piece of art coming out of the board depicting the dramatic face melting of the skywing’s, Queen Scarlet – THAT would have been awesome!…idk, perhaps she has a point, lol…

Although she is more reserved, she does have a touch of dramatic flair that leans toward the macabre.  As I was reading over her project outline, I found this sentence, “I believe that Tui Sutherland wrote this book to entertain us with thrilling fight scenes, wonderful friendships and betrayals, as well as some well stated painful deaths!”  I told her that she may want to leave her obvious excitement over the excruciating death scenes off of the display board, as it could disturb some of the judges…then again, my melting face idea wouldn’t have been any better!

Regardless of the hurdles, the late nights, and our push and pull relationship, I’m always glad that she wants to be involved in these types of projects.  I get excited as I watch her love of books grow with every passing year.  For the last month she has been attempting to write her own book!  She has a notebook that she carries around and writes down ideas for characters in, and every couple of days I find her sitting at my computer tacking away on the keys…I think she may be making better progress than I have been lately!  Yikes!  But I’m proud of her little creative mind, and I tell her so as often as I can without getting too gushy.

So my writing advice for the day is to be an encouragement to those around you as much as you can.  Share your interest with your children, even if it’s murder mystery or “well stated painful deaths,” and let them find their own way, even if it comes out neater and less flashy than what you would do.

Also, if your local schools participate in school, county, or regional level reading fairs, get out and support those events!  With social media reigning supreme in our society, and the superficial trappings that kids seem to get bombarded with these days, it’s good for us to take the time to praise the frayed edges of a well-loved book and encourage them to keep reading, writing, and looking at the world through a more creative lens than reality television.

If you’re interested in the book my daughter did her project on, you can read more about the book as well as find out purchasing information at:

That’s it for me.  I’m off to enjoy the book fair!


*Thanks to Scholastic for the cover picture of Wings of Fire, The Dragonet Prophecy

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